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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Old-Fashioned Bread and Tomato Rice Soup

It would be wrong of me to try to steal the glory on a night like tonight, because I just finished serving my family a delicious meal from recipes found online.

I have a bunch of organic crushed tomatoes that will expire soon, so I googled "crushed tomatoes," and up popped this recipe. Dan declared it to be the best tomato soup he had ever eaten.

I needed something to pair with it, so I decided to attempt this bread, which RaeAnn told me about (she reads Cafe Mama, and now so do I!), and it turned out fabulous. I used whole wheat flour.

I didn't think to take a pic beforehand, but here's the aftermath.

Notice how Dan's bowl has been scraped clean?

Ariel seems to think it's finger lickin' good!

Another Makeshift Meal gets a gold star from the test panel!

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Harmony said...

Did you use water or chicken broth?

Jenni said...

I used water. Sorry I didn't specify - I forgot about that option!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that the Vegetable Soup recipe was awesome, and so was this bread from cafe mama. I love making bread...and this one looked so cool I had to try it. I am also trying to give up the majority of processed foods, and to live more frugally, so the stuff you're writing about is really helpful. Thanks!